Easily convert data into business intelligence to deliver personalized customer experiences
inPocket is a unique cloud-based experience management software. Leveraging mobile capabilities (eg. SMS, chatbot...), inPocket delivers highly personalized conversational experiences right into your customers' pocket. The best part? No coding needed.
Increase customer engagement, drive sales

inPocket easily integrates proprietary technology, 3rd party content and personal data so you can engage your customers with the right message, at the right time, in the right place

Create one-to-one interaction

Use our intuitive drag-and-drop interface to build personal experiences with your customers and maximize brand infinity.

Drive your digital CRM strategy

Make insurance easier than ever by eliminating painful offline processes.

Design a concierge-like service on every channel

We have combined the best of innovative mobile technologies to create a dynamic, personalized and engaging experience for your customers.

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Modules tailor-made for your industry
  • Insurance Renewal
  • Direct Sales
  • Underwriting
  • Digital Fulfilment
  • Claims Submission
Make policy renewal a 10-second process

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Reduce campaign drop-offs with a streamlined acquisition flow

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Automate Your Underwriting Process

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Move on from traditional processes

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Record video statements and evidences for modern-day insurance claims.

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  • Delivery / Logistics
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Feedback
  • Decrease your failed delivery costs with automated and personalised engagement mechanism.

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    Customers can search your catalog the way they want to.

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    Create an intimate atmosphere for honest reviews.

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    • Flight Booking
    • Flight Enquiries & Updates
    • Travel Concierge Services
    • Virtual Travel Guide
    Retarget your customers and provide them with an optimized experience.

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    Reach out and assist in time of need.

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    Integrate APIs so everything can be at your fingertips.

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    Manage itineraries, location and bookings

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    • Recommend places
    • Make reservations and appointments
    Connect APIs across different platforms to easily provide real-time suggestions, statuses and updates.

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    Confirm and make payment on behalf of customer in one seamless flow.

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  • Digital Banking
  • Digital Fulfilment
  • Call Intercept
  • Customer Service
  • Check transactions, balances, make transfers using personalized short-codes.

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    Set up new accounts wherever you are, in one simple flow.

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    Provide customers with self service options and cut down your contact center service levels by half.

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    Make it even easier to compare cards, check fees, and ask questions.

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    Make it the way you want it to be
    Show off your brand

    inPocket gives you full control to customize the look and feel of your customer communications. Brand it the way you want to. Create message templates in your brand’s voice. Customize everything you can see.

    Map your customer

    Define your audience attributes and create the best scenario-based user flows for your customers with our easy drag-and-drop builder.

    Understand and measure member
    behavior at every touch-point

    Gather behavioral and member data throughout customer journeys to continually optimize customer experience and maximize sales.

    Conversation is the new interface.
    Your customers are fluent with the conversational medium.

    Since conversation is how we are already interacting with services and people, the chat interface feels like an easy, familiar, and ubiquitous interaction.

    Your customers prefer to text.

    Texting is simple, direct and fast. It allows consumers to multi‐task and respond at their convenience. 85% of people would like to have two-­way communication with businesses.

    Conversation is what your customers are looking for

    “A simplified, transparent, personalized experience.”

    User-Centered Design

    “The same intuitive and streamlined experience as a favouriteapp, search engine or online retailer.”


    “I mean, hey, as a customer, I like having the choice to get in touch when I want to, not when you want me to.”


    Data protection is our #1 priority: Data transfer between customer browsers and our servers is fully encrypted using TLS protocols. Data at rest is also kept secured in an encrypted database environment located on a separate network layer.

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